Upcoming & past PROJECTS

The team will be competing at the SAE Aero Design East Competition in March 2025 in Fort Worth, TX. Similarly to last year, we will be aiming to compete in the regular and advanced aircraft classes. Since our experience last year, we are aiming to push even harder on both of our projects this year! More details are below:


Using an upgraded design from last year,the regular-class aircraft will be designed and built by the mechanical team during the summer and fall semester. The aircraft has a limiting wingspan of 216 inches to achieve maximum lift. The design of the aircraft focuses on modularity, allowing us to disassemble the large aircraft for easy storage.


The advanced-class aircraft will be a deviation from the regular-class design that has a wingspan of 120 inches. Designed to carry water for firefighting as well as a delivery aircraft. The mechanical team will work to construct the aircraft at the beginning of the spring semester. The software team will design and program the autonomous delivery aircraft in parallel.

Regular Class 2024

Advanced class 2024