2022 Spring Application:

We want to share our passion for aerial robotics


All our systems are custom built by our members and fine tuned for optimal performance at competition.


We utilize cutting edge research in machine vision and machine learning to develop intelligent autonomous systems.


Since we are a competitive club, we represent the University of Pennsylvania in a wide range of competitions.


The mission of Penn AiR is to engage undergraduate students of the University of Pennsylvania in the development of aerial robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. The club aims to do so by providing students with the resources to construct, develop and test their own robots, travel to and compete at inter-collegiate competitions, and to connect with people who share this same passion.

Meet our team

Andrew Brose

Andrew Brose


Andrew is a junior studying Entrepreneurship / Innovation and Operations Management while also pursuing a minor in computer science in SEAS. Andrew joined the club as a freshman on the software team and then served as VP Finance his sophomore year. Outside of PennAiR, he spends his time playing Ultimate Frisbee, working for a venture capital firm that invests in climatetech startups, and reading as much Fantasy as he can. His favorite thing about PennAiR is spending time with the amazing team :)

Tasos Panagopoulos

Tasos Panagopoulos

VP Operations

Tasos is currently a sophomore studying Computer Science who serves as VP Operations, as well as a member of the Software team at PennAir. His favorite thing about the club is the talent and creativity that its members collectively exhibit. Outside of PennAir, he performs Computer Vision research at GRASP, while in his free time you’ll probably find him playing the flute or League of Legends.

Jordan Yang

Jordan Yang

VP Finance

Jordan is currently a freshman studying a Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, and loves taking long afternoon walks. What he enjoys most about PennAiR is the community. Jordan is also a member of the mechanical team and is currently working on the tail design.

Jason Li

Jason Li

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Jason is currently a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a passion for aviation and design. As part of the Mechanical Team, he is often in CAD or building components for the team. In his free time, he enjoys flying flight simulators and RC planes.

Owen Simon

Owen Simon

Lead Software Engineer

Owen is currently a senior studying Computer Science and considering a Master's in Data Science. In his free time, he enjoys reading fantasy novels, trying not to poison himself from cooking, and is always down for a game of Smash. Outside of PennAiR, Owen is also an event supervisor for SOUP and an avid member of the Penn Social Deduction Club.

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